August 23, 2007


why are you always on my mind? my precious asymptote, all i ask is the wish to be reborn into a blessed synchronicity; one that yields the chance to be within your warm embrace. until such time my life shall endure; its longevity the monument to your love. could i still tempt your smile within those passing confines of dawn where my heart runs free and pure? could my tongue still carve zealous words on the back of your alluring neck? sadly, knowing the truth is not enough. the eternal unity lacks the pleasure of uniting, for what always is, never becomes. there lies my heretic and secret desire. there lies my fading hope for us.

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June 06, 2007

smile upon me

yet again, we find ourselves drunk on the infectious fruits harvested through the years of worshiping our false gods. yhere are no signs that remain; no stars to follow; no orphan to inspire. fortunately or not, the seal is still in place and nothing save our own capacities will sober us to our posterity. is it worth getting up for? let the music play and leave the lights dimmed. tonight the pleasure will be the solace of oblivion. pour me another drink, for everything perishes save that Smiling Face!

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November 08, 2006

a storm is coming

the imprisonment of my blessings leaves me inept; save to bear witness to your sufferi88; border-bottom: 2px solid #719067;">   Archives

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